Clean Your Concrete With Our
Power Washing Services Chicago, IL Area

Beyond concrete leveling, we offer a variety of additional services that help home and business owners take care of the concrete on their properties. We offer professional power washing, concrete crack repair, foundation sealing, and concrete grinding services in the Chicago, IL area. Our skilled teams offer prompt and friendly service, personalized to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a free cost estimate. Need a deep clean for your concrete? Power washing is the only way to remove the deep-seated dirt and grime. Call (773) 887-6688 to get an estimate for our power washing service now.

We Can Help Keep Water Out of Your Basement With Foundation Sealer

Gaps often begin to appear between the foundation and sidewalk of a home as it settles. These gaps can make your foundation prone to cracks and water leaks. We offer cost-effective, long-lasting foundation sealing solutions using rot-resistant materials and precise application. We also seal and repair cracked concrete to keep moisture out.

Let Our Specialist Create a Smooth Finish With Our Concrete Grinder

Do you want a smooth finish on your concrete surfaces? Our concrete grinding service is a cost-effective way to finish your concrete floors, fix imperfections, and prepare for floor coatings.