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PolyTech Lifting LLC debuted in 2016 in Chicago, IL with various business locations including Bolingbrook. Our company encompasses brilliant and seasoned contractors that have reliable expertise for any property driveway concrete and concrete patio Bolingbrook. Our full range of services is suitable for residential and commercial properties. Our services include concrete driveway repair, polyjacking, concrete leveling, and concrete raising Bolingbrook.

Quality equipment and materials are used in our projects to check all the boxes on the stability and longevity of your structure. Our skilled workforce will level your concrete and ensure longevity on the level. Our polyjacking Bolingbrook service offered produces a cleaner and long-lasting finish. From concrete lifting and mudjacking to concrete patio repair Bolingbrook.

Driveway Concrete Sinking?
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We effectively raise sunken concrete slabs with our expert mudjacking Bolingbrook service. We can help you maintain the quality, functionality, and appearance of your porch, pool decks, sidewalk, driveway, and other concrete-covered areas in your property. Our full range of services is dedicated to commercial and residential spaces locally.


Concrete Raising

Instead of going through a complete concrete slab replacement or repair, we recommend our concrete raising Bolingbrook service. This will help you cut costs while maintaining a restored appearance and function of your concrete spaces. Call us if you need us to perform an immediate concrete raising.


Concrete Lifting

Our concrete lifting Bolingbrook is a top choice for property owners looking to restore order in their concrete properties. Our concrete lifting service uses high-quality equipment to lift and level settled concrete slabs. We correct sunken concrete in various residential and commercial establishments. Contact us for our expert services.



Our company performs concrete leveling Bolingbrook efficiently and gets your concrete area ready for immediate use. Our services are reasonably priced for the local area. We aim to rejuvenate your concrete-covered properties while giving you viable alternatives for concrete repairs. Our contractors are dedicated workers. Book their professional services.



For concrete slabs damaged beyond repair, our concrete repair Bolingbrook is a trusted service. We are ready to roll our sleeves and repair your concrete services with our expert concrete repair service. Schedule an inspection with us today and get your concrete fixed right away.


Concrete Driveway
& Patio Repair

Having a cracked driveway or patio is not only distasteful but also unsafe. We understand the repercussions of having damaged concrete slabs, so trust our contractors to get on with the work right away. Avail of our concrete driveway repair or concrete patio repair Bolingbrook anytime. Schedule with us!

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Difference Between Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Mudjacking Bolingbrook

Our company uses a specially formulated foam to perform polyurethane concrete lifting in residential and commercial properties. We do this to raise and level concrete of varying sizes without unsettling the rest of the concrete. First, we drill the concrete with small holes to inject the under-concrete with the special foam. Then, we follow through with new concrete to match your existing concrete surface. We work on getting the most exact appearance as much as we can to refrain from the chances of mismatched concrete or odd blotches. Our polyurethane concrete lifting Bolingbrook process takes a couple of hours to achieve. Afterward, you can immediately use the concrete and have a level ground to walk on. This is perfect for concrete repair Bolingbrook.

While mudjacking has earned a spot as one of the popular methods for concrete leveling Bolingbrook, our company recommends polyurethane concrete lifting. This proves to be a more solid and affordable solution in the long run due to its durable and environmentally-safe material. You can also drill smaller holes for polyurethane concrete lifting, which reduces the workload for contractors.

Concrete Not Level? Fix it with Help from a Concrete Leveling Bolingbrook Company

Uneven driveway concrete or concrete patio Bolingbrook is challenging to walk or drive on and unsafe for anyone to use. To fix this, most property owners opt for a concrete repair Bolingbrook as their first and only resort. On the contrary, this is even more expensive and arduous than what we offer – concrete lifting Bolingbrook.

We at PolyTech Lifting LLC recommend our concrete leveling service in the local area instead of complete repair work, which can cost you more money in a shorter period. Our concrete raising Bolingbrook work involves the act of pumping foam underneath the concrete slabs to level them efficiently. Traditional companies continue to apply this method, but our company has moved towards a better method: polyurethane concrete lifting. Try this method today!

Why Addressing Sinking Concrete Is So Important? Contact Us for Concrete Raising Bolingbrook and Get It Level Once Again!

Our company resolves all concrete issues you have with our concrete raising Bolingbrook service. Below are more benefits of addressing your sinking concrete.


Getting a concrete lifting Bolingbrook done can save individuals from the risk of tripping. This can also save your business from potential lawsuits and keep your clients safe and happy. Our contractors are one call away from the lift or repair you need.


Unsightly or unsafe driveway concrete Bolingbrook can quickly turn away house bueyers even before they enter your house. Give your house more credit by getting a concrete driveway repair Bolingbrook.

Property Value

You can quickly increase your property value just by addressing your sunken concretes. Soon, your property will be enamored with interested clients who are willing to pay the fair price that you offer.

Erosion Prevention

Erosion can result from your sunken concretes when you do not pay attention to the water that can travel under the slabs. Concrete leveling Bolingbrook can correct this issue to your satisfaction.

When seeking concrete leveling near me Bolingbrook, consider our professional services. We specialize in concrete repair using polyjacking, offering a more efficient and less invasive solution compared to mudjacking. Contact us for reliable assistance.

Why Polyjacking Is Much Better
Than Mudjacking Bolingbrook?

Lightweight and Strong
Polyjacking is a great and advanced way to raise slabs that are poured over very unstable or unsuitable fill. Polyurethane only weighs around 2 to 3 pounds per cubic foot, making this material less likely to overburden unstable soil. It is worth it to spend a few bucks with polyjacking Bolingbrook because of its many benefits. Additionally, polyurethane foam is an eco-friendly material that is good for our environment.
Less Invasive
A lot of professionals recommend polyjacking because of its many advantages. Traditional mudjacking Bolingbrook requires drilling several big holes to inject the slurry beneath the slab. However, polyjacking uses polyurethane foam that has enough power to expand and lift large. Thanks to its benefits like fewer drill holes and shorter drying times.
Polyjacking is more efficient compared to mudjacking. Polyurethane foam has the shortest cure time, so it can be ready to be walked and driven on them right away. Mudjacking Bolingbrook, on the other hand, can cause inconvenience to homeowners as it can take several days to cure and allow for foot traffic on the lifted concrete. If you need concrete repair, concrete leveling, or concrete lifting Bolingbrook, give us a call today!

What Are the Fundamentals of Driveway Concrete Bolingbrook Repair? Our Concrete Raising Bolingbrook Experts Are Giving You an Advice

Soil sinking, groundwater difficulties, rat burrowing, and other factors can all cause problems with your driveway concrete Bolingbrook slabs. While concrete is known to be a durable material for construction, improper maintenance and repair can lead to its deterioration.

If you are stuck in deciding whether to get a driveway concrete repair Bolingbrook or concrete replacement in Bolingbrook, our experts can help you out. They will walk you through different alternatives to help you make a wise decision. Driveway slabs sink because of different factors, yet water is the most common reason. Water creates holes under driveway slabs, making it sink over time.

Having access to a reliable concrete repair Bolingbrook expert who can revert the original state of your driveway concrete is helpful even more if he can solve sunken concrete.

A part of the concrete slab might become uneven due to a crack within the slab or a junction between slabs. The good news is that driveway concrete raising Bolingbrook can help pump polyurethane foam under the bottom part of the slab. Foam raises the lower side, allowing the cracks to seal in the process. By opting for concrete lifting near me Bolingbrook, you can eliminate trip hazards and circumvent costly, time-consuming, and laborious replacement projects.

Testimonials of Our Mudjacking Bolingbrook & Concrete Lifting Bolingbrook Services

I have no idea how mudjacking Bolingbrook works, so I definitely needed to hire experts. This company came to the rescue and did a solid concrete repair for my walkway. I’m beyond impressed. Thanks!

Henry Bennett


I value honesty in service, which perfectly describes my experience with this company. While seeking concrete lifting near me Bolingbrook area, their transparency about the polyjacking process was impressive and much appreciated.

Owen Cooke


When searching for concrete leveling near me Bolingbrook we came across this company. They offered a competitive estimate, which led us to hire them, and they began the work without delay. Highly recommend!

Charles Clark


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