Give Your Concrete a Boost

Commercial ADA Compliance

On any commercial property, concrete walkways, ramps, parking areas, and floors must be usable for wheelchairs. Large cracks and uneven concrete slabs can create a hazard for disabled people and an ADA compliance violation for the business. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) holds businesses legally accountable for complying with their regulations. We offer concrete lifting and leveling services to correct these issues before they cause larger problems for the business (fines for violations or lawsuits). We inject an eco-friendly and super-durable substance called polyurethane foam under a sunken concrete slab. The foam expands, leveling the sunken slab, and hardens to create a solid and permanent foundation for the slab to rest on.

The ADA states that a trip hazard as a vertical change over a quarter of an inch at a crack in the concrete. Get a long-lasting, cost-effective solution today. Call us now for a free estimate!