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Concrete lifting, also known as mudjacking, is a process that is used to level out uneven concrete slabs that have cracked or sunken into the ground. It can be used to repair uneven concrete in your foundation, driveway, walkways, stairs, patio, and more. At PolyTech Lifting, LLC, we use an innovative process called polylifting that involves injecting polyurethane foam under the slab to lift it until it is level. We also provide power washing, concrete sealing, and other services designed to restore and protect your concrete. We are one of the top-rated concrete contractors in the Schaumburg, IL area.

We Offer Residential and Commercial Concrete Services

Our services can help homeowners make their properties safer and more beautiful. We can also help landlords and business owners reduce liability and comply with ADA standards when uneven concrete is causing an issue. With over 20 years of experience in the business and a special expertise in polylifting, there’s no other concrete company that can produce the results that we do for our customers.

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