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PolyTech Concrete Lifting - Concrete Leveling & Concrete Repair Orland Park Professional Concrete Raising & Mudjacking Orland Park

PolyTech Lifting LLC is a Chicago-based company formed in 2016 with a team of skillful and efficient contractors with excellent workmanship and unparalleled customer care. We give services on concrete that are highly dependable for long-term use. Our services are inclusive of mudjacking concrete raising, concrete lifting, and concrete leveling Orland Park.

Quality tools and mixtures are used always in our projects to ensure stability and lifting with the project’s longevity. Our skilled workers raise and restabilize your concrete slabs to lasting results. Our polyjacking Orland Park service also offers lasting results after easy application. We provide concrete driveway repair, polyjacking, and concrete lifting Orland Park at highly affordable rates for your convenience. Consult our company anytime!

Driveway Concrete Sinking?
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Our mudjacking Orland Park is essential in raising settled concrete slabs in different properties. This results in sturdier concrete whether for your pool decks, driveway, parking lot, sidewalks, and other areas covered with concrete. We have expert mudjacking in the local Orland Park area. Schedule an inspection with us.


Concrete Raising

We offer our concrete raising Orland Park as an alternative for comprehensive replacement work for concrete slabs. This cost significantly cheaper than going through an entire repair. For restored concrete that provides a safe and good-looking path for driving or walking, contact us for professional concrete raising near you.


Concrete Lifting

Property owners rely on our concrete lifting Orland Park to refurbish their damaged concretes. We use powerful equipment to perform the delicate lifting and leveling of cracked, settled, or sunken concrete slabs. Trust our professional services to deliver with excellence. Give us a call to schedule the soonest inspection.



When it comes to uneven surfaces, you can trust no other company to deliver high-quality concrete leveling Orland Park but us. Property owners approach us to fix their concretes by lifting and leveling them to perfection. We prioritize your safety and comfort in delivering our work. Call us today!



Our company excels in concrete repair Orland Park in repairing concrete of varying sizes and design. We use premium-grade equipment and tools in our company to get the job done flawlessly. We have skillful contractors ready to take on the work anytime. Reach out to us, schedule an appointment.


Concrete Driveway
& Patio Repair

Your property does not have to suffer from cracked concretes. Our team will take care of the concrete patio repair and concrete driveway repair Orland Park. Our services are highly premium and preferred by many. Expect your concrete patio and driveway concrete to look outstanding once we finish everything.

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Difference Between Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Mudjacking Orland Park

In polyurethane concrete lifting, the process uses a type of unique foam and drills dime-sized holes on the concrete surface to raise and level a concrete patio or driveway concrete Orland Park. This is done by injecting the unique foam into the holes, followed by fresh concrete to match the color, appearance, and texture of the existing concrete. This can be immediately used afterward. The process takes a few hours to perform and complete.

Many companies, including us, have moved forward with innovative concrete lifting for residential and commercial properties by applying this method for practical reasons. The holes used in polyurethane concrete lifting are much smaller than that of mudjacking Orland Park. The material is also safer to apply and gives a more lasting result for long-term use. In the end, this can save you expenses on regular mudjacking. Our company provides a wide range of services in the local area, including polyjacking, concrete driveway repair, and concrete raising Orland Park. Give us a call anytime to schedule the inspection of your concretes.

Concrete Not Level? Fix it with Help from a Concrete Leveling Orland Park Company

Concrete patios or driveway concretes Orland Park is bound to settle or crack over time. While this can reduce curb appeal and compromise anyone’s walking or driving safety, a comprehensive concrete repair is not always the ideal fix. Our company has come up with a better solution for your concrete woes, introducing our concrete leveling Orland Park. 

Concrete leveling or concrete lifting Orland Park involves filling the concrete gaps with foam to raise and level the slabs into their proper order. Many companies apply mudjacking Orland Park to level concretes, but our company does it differently. We have leveled up with polyurethane concrete lifting, which offers a more lasting solution.
When searching for concrete lifting near me Orland Park our team specializes in this approach, providing our concrete raising service for both residential and commercial lots.

Why Addressing Sinking Concrete Is So Important? Contact Us for Concrete Raising Orland Park and Get It Level Once Again!

Sinking concrete is an eyesore amidst a polished residential establishment. We can help you address this problem with our top-notch concrete leveling Orland Park service.


Whether you have guests or customers frequenting your house or brick-and-mortar store, you want to secure a safe path for them. Our contractors can help restore the beauty of your property with our concrete lifting Orland Park.


Anything sunken gives an unappealing look, be it your patios or driveway. Our company can help you give people in your neighborhood a good impression with timely concrete raising Orland Park.

Property Value

When you have a house you plan to sell soon, be sure to take care of the concrete repair Orland Park you need as soon as you are able. We can make things happen for you. Call us anytime.

Erosion Prevention

When worse comes to worst, erosion can happen to your sunken concrete. We provide concrete driveway repair and concrete leveling Orland Park to correct these problems. Contact us immediately.

For those seeking concrete leveling near me Orland Park, our company offers polyjacking services. This method surpasses traditional mudjacking in Orland Park due to its efficiency and less invasive nature. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us soon.

Why Polyjacking Is Much Better
Than Mudjacking Orland Park?

Lightweight and Strong
Polyjacking is a concrete leveling that combines the method and principle of mudjacking Orland Park. However, polyjacking uses advanced technology and materials. Instead of using a mortar-based compound to lift sinking concrete, polyjacking uses eco-friendly polyurethane foam. This is an excellent way to restore concrete surfaces. Many contractors prefer the use of polyjacking Orland Park because of its lightweight and stronger than the traditional concrete slurries.

Less Invasive
Mudjacking involves drilling large access holes in the concrete so the worker can inject the slurry. However, when we use the polyjacking Orland Park method, the technician will only have to drill small holes about 5/8th inches large or depending on the slab size. Using polyurethane to raise the slab is less invasive because it is a self-expanding foam that achieves the same effect that would require a lot of mud mixture.
Polyjacking has no downtime and can be used immediately after the process. Unlike concrete slurry mixtures that can take several days to cure and harden. This is very inconvenient for homeowners, especially in high-traffic areas where you have to wait for many days before using it. If you find yourself looking for polyjacking Orland Park contractors, give us a call. We will be happy to help you with your concrete repair, concrete leveling, or concrete lifting Orland Park.

What Are the Fundamentals of Driveway Concrete Orland Park Repair? Our Concrete Raising Orland Park Experts Are Giving You an Advice

Due to soil sinking, rat burrowing, ground issues, etc., driveway concrete slabs can present various problems. Concrete is considered among the most durable, yet improper repair and upkeep can cause its deterioration.

When determining whether concrete repair Orland Park or concrete replacement is the ideal solution, our experts can suggest the best alternatives you can have so you can make the greatest decision. Sunken concrete slabs are a result of different factors, and water is the most common. Water can cause holes to appear below driveway slabs, resulting in sunken concrete.

Knowing a concrete repair Orland Park expert who can turn back your driveway concrete to its initial state is vital. However, someone who can provide a solution to sunken concrete is even more.

A joint between slabs or cracks inside it can cause a part of the slab to become uneven. Thanks to driveway concrete leveling Orland Park, pumping polyurethane foam is now possible below the lower area of the slab. It helps to raise it and seal the cracks. This removes trip hazards and the need for expensive, long, and exhausting replacement projects.

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I was looking for a concrete lifting near me Orland Park  area company to have concrete raising done to address the drainage issue. I'm happy with the result that your contractors have provided! Thank you!

Harrison Hudson

Orland Park

This mudjacking company did such a great job with my driveway concrete Orland Park. The contractors were friendly and were easy to talk to. This company also offered such an affordable service!

Matthew Allen

Orland Park

When looking for concrete leveling near me Orland Park, the excellent work done by these contractors truly impressed us. We were thoroughly satisfied with the results provided by this mudjacking company.

Isaac Hart

Orland Park

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