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Polytech Lifting LLC is based in Chicago, IL with a branch in Park Ridge. Founded in 2016, we have skillful contractors that are top-notch and reliable in delivering the highest quality work. We offer a wide range of services including concrete leveling, polyjacking, concrete driveway repair, and concrete raising Park Ridge for residential and commercial spaces. 

We employ the best tools and mixtures available for mudjacking Park Ridge projects that result in a long-lasting concrete slab level. Our services also contain polyjacking Park Ridge that is durable and easy to apply. We refrain from any invasive work on your property or landscape to preserve the appearance of your home or commercial space. Call us for further inquiries.

Driveway Concrete Sinking?
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Our mudjacking Park Ridge service effectively raises your settled concrete slabs to improve the appearance and functionality of your landscape or property. We can work on your pool decks, driveway, parking lot, porch, sidewalks, and other areas of your property. Contact us for further questions. We are available anytime.


Concrete Raising

Our concrete raising Park Ridge service is an excellent alternative for a complete concrete slab replacement or repair in the local area. When you find your concrete slabs settled or sunken, our raising service can restore them to their best condition. Get in touch with us today to schedule.


Concrete Lifting

We are an established company in Chicago, IL with expertise in concrete lifting Park Ridge. We have seasoned contractors who will skillfully lift and level your settled concrete slabs and make them look freshly applied. We offer our professional services for residential and commercial spaces. Book with us today.



Sunken concrete slabs need to be addressed immediately. At our company, our team of experts works fast to give you that concrete leveling Park Ridge you need. We can help you save costs on expensive and unnecessary repairs and maintain your concrete slabs at a strong level. Call us!



If you notice your concrete slabs suffering from major damages, we are the company to call! We perform every concrete repair Park Ridge swiftly to get your space ready for use soon. We have extensive skills. We can work on various areas including patios, porches, sidewalks, etc. Contact us!


Concrete Driveway
& Patio Repair

Cracked driveways or sidewalks are unsafe and unappealing. Let our team restore the beauty of your concrete paths with our concrete driveway repair and concrete patio repair Park Ridge. Our services provide premium results at an affordable price. Enjoy lasting concrete made possible by our expert contractors. Schedule today!

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Difference Between Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Mudjacking Park Ridge

To raise and level concrete effectively, companies perform a method called polyurethane concrete lifting Park Ridge using a specialized foam. The existing concrete is drilled with dime-sized holes where the formulated foam is injected inside with a hose. The foam works to fill in the gaps, which raises the slab to the right level. After this process is done, the holes are then filled with fresh concrete that closely resembles the existing concrete around it. It takes a few hours to complete the whole process. Once the concrete leveling Park Ridge is done, you can immediately walk on the concrete afterward.

Polyurethane concrete lifting is often interchanged with mudjacking. While we understand how closely similar these two methods are, our concrete repair Park Ridge company recommends polyurethane concrete lifting for a sound reason. First, this process requires smaller holes compared with mudjacking Park Ridge. Second, the foam used in polyurethane lifting is more conservative and safe for the environment. Third, its durability is unquestionable. Fourth, it is significantly more affordable than its mudjacking counterpart. Contact us for professional services.

Concrete Not Level? Fix it with Help from a Concrete Leveling Park Ridge Company

Any type of concrete can sink, settle, or crack as many years pass. As a result, this leaves you with uneven surfaces that make it unsafe and difficult to walk on. Most homeowners would ponder on the idea of a whole replacement as the best fix, but this is not always the best solution. Our company offers something better than a meticulous and time-consuming repair – concrete leveling Park Ridge.

Our contractors can conveniently pump foam under the cracked or settled concrete slabs to fill them in and make them level with the rest of the pavement. This whole process is called polyjacking Park Ridge, but our company has turned into an even better version of it called polyurethane concrete lifting. For those searching for concrete lifting near me Park Ridge, make sure to contact PolyTech Lifting LLC for dependable services tailored to your needs.

Why Addressing Sinking Concrete Is So Important? Contact Us for Concrete Raising Park Ridge and Get It Level Once Again!

There are many benefits you can reap from concrete leveling Park Ridge. This can save your sinking concrete and improve the quality of your property. Check out more benefits below:

Whether you have a physical store business or a house property, you want to have a level pavement around you for guests and customers alike. Our concrete leveling Park Ridge can provide a safe space, walkway, and driveway for you.


You have to admit that cracked concrete slabs are unappealing to look at. You can save your guests from getting that perspective by investing in concrete driveway repair or concrete lifting Park Ridge.

Property Value

Increase potential buyer’s interest by improving the state of your property with our concrete raising Park Ridge and witness the influx of interested buyers.

Erosion Prevention

The last thing you want is your property suffering from water erosion due to your damaged slabs. Get on with the solution as soon as possible and contact us for a concrete repair Park Ridge.

When looking for concrete leveling near me Park Ridge, consider our concrete repair services that include polyjacking, a contemporary and less invasive alternative to traditional mudjacking in Park Ridge. We advocate for polyjacking due to its effectiveness and durability.

Why Polyjacking Is Much Better
Than Mudjacking Park Ridge?

Lightweight and Strong
Polyjacking is lighter weight at 3 pounds per cubic foot. It is vital, dense, and environmentally safe because we use eco-friendly polyurethane foam. This material will not lose density and is permanent. It can uphold heavyweight loads just as effectively as the traditional method. On the other hand, mudjacking Park Ridge weighs about 100 pounds per cubic foot. Polyjacking is a preferable method of repair by many contractors in Park Ridge.
Less Invasive
Both mudjacking and polyjacking require drilling holes into the concrete slab to lift it. However, using the polyjacking Park Ridge method is safer and less invasive. In our advanced technique, we can control the size of the hole and create a small hole to inject the polyurethane, which is a self-expanding foam. The Mudjacking method will require the technician to drill large and many access holes to complete the procedure.
Suppose you need concrete leveling, concrete repair, or concrete lifting Park Ridge in the high traffic areas of your house, such as driveway, sidewalk, porches, and patios. In that case, polyjacking is the best option for you. Polyurethane foam has the shortest rest time compared to mudjacking Park Ridge that uses concrete slurry mixtures. This is a big help for homeowners as you don’t need to wait for several days before using the area. It’s efficient and less of a construction site to deal in your home.

What Are the Fundamentals of Driveway Concrete Park Ridge Repair? Our Concrete Raising Park Ridge Experts Are Giving You an Advice

Driveway concrete slabs can become uneven due to rat burrowing, soil sinking, ground difficulties, and more. Concrete is a heavy-duty construction material, but it can deteriorate within a few years without proper upkeep and repair.

If deciding whether to have a driveway concrete repair Park Ridge or driveway concrete replacement in Park Ridge becomes difficult for you, our specialists can make it easier. They will discuss the best options you can have during the consultation to help you make the best decision. Sunken driveway slabs are caused by a variety of factors, with water as the leading one. This element creates holes below driveway slabs, causing them to sink.

Reliable concrete repair Park Ridge specialists help to revert a driveway concrete to its original state. But experts who can solve a sunken concrete are more helpful.

A portion of the concrete slab can become uneven because of the slab’s inside cracks or a joint between slabs. Fortunately, pumping polyurethane foam below the bottom portion of the slab is possible with driveway concrete leveling Park Ridge. Raising the other area letting the cracks be sealed. This eradicates the trip hazards and the need for long, expensive, and exhausting replacement jobs.

Testimonials of Our Mudjacking Park Ridge & Concrete Lifting Park Ridge Services

Since the pandemic started, I found it hard to find companies that would supply the concrete raising Park Ridge for my home until I located this company. They practiced safe methods throughout. Good approach!

Brandon Taylor

Park Ridge

When searching for concrete lifting near me Park Ridge area due to my unsettlingly settled concretes, I stumbled upon this company that graciously accepted the job, even on short notice. The contractors were punctual and performed a seamless job!

Isaac Dawson

Park Ridge

While seeking concrete leveling near me Park Ridge for my initial concerns, these contractors conducted a thorough inspection. They got great eyes for spotting damages, amazing!

Blake Suarez

Park Ridge

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