Repairing Your Concrete in Oak Park, & Chicago, IL is as Easy as Drill, Fill, and Patch

What We Do

A quicker, easier and more cost-effective choice than replacing your concrete.

When we are called to assist a homeowner with a free estimate on whether they should level and repair their concrete, or replace it, they are often happily surprised they can have perfectly aligned concrete again, in a matter of minutes, saving them time and money.

That's because when compared to concrete replacement, the process of raising concrete with polyurethane foam is inexpensive (compared to the alternatives), and is exponentially faster than replacing the concrete. Concrete raised, leveled and repaired using polyurethane foam is often ready to sustain normal use within minutes of being leveled.

Mudjacking Oak Park & Chicago, IL


Great question! Firstly, we believe it's good for you to know that most concrete raising jobs will take between 1-2 hours-start to finish-and your concrete will be ready for use immediately upon completion!

  1. When you level your uneven concrete using poly foam concrete raising techniques, ⅝" injection holes (Size of a dime!) are strategically drilled around the areas where the concrete is sunken and requires lifting.
  2. The concrete raising equipment is contained in a truck or trailer, and has a sufficient length of hose to accommodate most locations, the hose is extended to reach the area in need of repair.
  3. Once everything is prepped and the hose and materials are in place, the polyurethane foam is injected through the holes which fills the space underneath the concrete slab, using the concrete slab itself to drive the foam into the crevices, thereby lifting the concrete back to its original, correct level.
  4. Upon completion of leveling the concrete, the injection hole(s) are filled discretely with new cement, allowing you to use your surface immediately.
It's as simple as drill, pump and patch! Your concrete is ready to use immediately!